To me art is supposed to make you feel it mentally and physically. It doesn't matter how detailed, colorful, or what size it is. As long as you love it, that is all that matters. It embodies a provocative and vulnerable spirit that many of us long to have, but lack the gumption to exude. Music and Historical Art Influences hold an anchor as the driving force for all of my work along with what may be currently inspiring me in life. 

Sometimes it is a reflection of my southern upbringing, sometimes it stems from an intriguing conversation with a stranger. With each piece, my focus is to create a captivating pause in the midst of movement for its viewer. That may be by combining repurposed materials and painted papers into a collaged body of work or focusing on forming bold strokes of pigment into an unusual pattern. Living in a fast paced world, being able to find stillness in motion is rare, but when you can capture it, it is a beautiful thing